Arthur Sardoni, LAc

Arthur Sardoni’s interest in Oriental Medicine began soon after he received his degree in Massage Therapy from California Healing Arts Institute in Los Angeles, CA. He is a trained therapist in both Sports Massage and Shiatsu. He has mastered his training by working with master Shen Hsu by learning Chinese Traditional Massage. Chinese Traditional Massage is a type of massage, which manipulates the Acupuncture meridians and Points by releasing all the toxins from the muscle tissues and removing the stagnation in the channels.

Arthur chose to continue his life long dream of healing people by attending Samra University of Oriental Medicine in Los Angeles. He received his Master’s Degree by graduating at the top of his class. He is licensed by both the California Board and by NCCAOM.

Through his devotion and commitment to Oriental Medicine and by having a vast knowledge and experience in different types of massage, Arthur has been able to create his own unique style as both an acupuncturist and a massage therapist.

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