About Acudome’s Clinic

Needles and Needling:

Typically acupuncture needles are no thicker than human hair.  They are inserted into an Acupoint by an acupuncturist.  This process is not painful, only when the needles make a contact with the Qi the patient experiences a sensation.  This sensation could be a slight tingling, heaviness, grabbing or a slight electrical shock.

Needles used in our office are disposable, pre-sterilized that are individually packed and sealed. The cups used for cupping are plastic and one time use only. Herbs are also prescribed for a variety of symptoms. They are ordered from a very reputable company and they come in a variety of forms ranging from powder to pills and capsules. They are hassle free, no bad taste and ready for consumption.

We specialize in pain control and sport injuries. A combination of various procedures and techniques is used to achieve the highest results. Remember, chronic symptoms take a long time to be developed and it will also take some time for them to be alleviated.

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